Ilo-Ilo Chapter
BBC Iloilo pursued a continuing program of dialogue and discussions with various government agencies and non-government organizations. Regular meetings of the BBC Chapter were held at the Archbishop’s residence. Among the institutions that BBC Iloilo established linkages with and the discussions that ensued were as follows:
1. Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) – provided a situationer on the drug problem in
Iloilo, pinpointing the problematic areas in the City. It was highlighted that one of thedilemmas
encountered by the agency was the need for confidentiality in organizing and obtaining legal evidences on the conduct of such drug raids.
2. Taytay sa Kauswagan – gave a brief backgrounder about their organization. Initially a micro-financing agency supported by foreign grants and provides financial assistance to a group of entrepreneurs, it has expanded its operations and has now become a Savings Bank.
It currently grants loans and has expanded its service area to the Island of Panay.
3. Department of Public Works & Highways –  presented a status report on the infrastructure projects in Panay.
4. Department of Environment & Natural Resources – furnished BBC Iloilo a report on the effects of the flash floods caused by typhoon Frank. PDE also gave an update on the measures being
undertaken to address the problems in Iloilo. The Regional Director of Special Works in the Province of Panay likewise made available a situationer report.
5. A talk/briefing on  the “food bank’ with Rose Hall as resource person was held at the University of the Philippines, Miagao.
Contact has been established with the Archdiocesan Social Action Center. Once SEC Registration is received, a potential field of cooperation between the business community and the Bishop’s Social Operations will be established.