Kalookan Chapter
Exploratory talks for the establishment of BBC Kalookan were held on August 14, 2009 at a luncheon
meeting at Max’s Restaurant along EDSA, Caloocan City. In attendance were BBC National Co-Chairman Mr. Vicente T. Paterno and Executive Director Mary Belle Beluan, together with representatives of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) and some 15 prominent businessmen of Caloocan and Religious of the Diocese of Caloocan, as follows:
1. Fr. Gigi Yabut 9.  Danny Baello
2. Fr. Jun Bartolome 10.  Rolly Evacula
3. Danilo Sanchez 11.  Dr. Martin Martinez
4. Carlos Cabochan 12.  Felix Mullon
5. Antonio Keh 13.  Doy Ignacio
6. Billy Young 14.  Mer Elezano
7. Rey Bistro 15.  Roderic Cobankiat
8. Maricor Malitao    
An Organizational Meeting was subsequently convened on August 29, 2009, at Max’s Restaurant, Caloocan City presided over by Bishop of Kalookan, Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, Jr. Discussed and finalized at this meeting were the chapter’s name dubbed, BBC-KALMANA (Diocese of Kalookan) and the appointment of charter officers and members, namely:
Chairman: Bishop Deogracias Iniguez Jr.
Co- Chairman: Danilo Sanchez
SOCIO-ECONOMIC Fr. Gigi Yabut Wally Javier
SPIRITUAL FORMATION Fr. Ruben Maybuena Rey Bistro
CIRCLE OF DISCERNMENT Fr. Dennis Salisi Carlos Cabochan
MEMBERSHIP Fr. Jun Bartolome Bobby Zamora
1. Antonio Keh 12.  Manuel Rayos
2. Peter Tan 13.  Rolando Doloso
3. Maricor Malitao 14.  Carmelo Castillo
4. Edison Franco 15.  Armando Siongco
5. Odie Decena 16.  Andrew Ignacio
6. Danny Baello 17.  Mer Elenzano
7. Rolando Evacula 18.  Roderick Cobankiat
8. Billy Young 19.  Arnold Divina
9. Salvador Tiangco Jr. 20.  Malen Ang
10. Alberto Monteras 21.  Frank Catina
11. Heginio Sy 22.  Renato Chua
A follow-up meeting was organized last September 5, 2009 at the STI College, in Kalookan City with Bishop Iniguez welcoming the participants who amidst the inclement weather showed up for the event. An overview of the meeting was provided by Mr. Danilo Sanchez, Co-Chairman of BBC Kalookan while Fr. Gigi Yabut, Social Action Director of the Diocese of Kalookan gave a Situationer of the Diocesan Social Action Projects .

BBC National Co-Chairman Vicente Paterno gave an inspirational talk highlighting three major activities proposed for a BBC Chapter, namely: 1) i. Technical assistance by chapter members to Social Action Center (SAC) projects; 2. As Circle of Discernment and Communal Action group; and 3) Spiritual Development of members. He likewise provided a backgrounder on the origins of BBC .
Also in attendance was BBC Executive Director Belle Beluan.

The meeting ended with the Pledging of Commitment by the Chapter members and with a closing Prayer led by Fr. Dennis Salisi.