BBC-NASSA Planning Workshop
Most socio-economic projects in a diocese are organized or supervised by the diocesan Social Action Center.

Hence, BBC Excom’s interest to explore the modalities for an institutional relationship with CBCP NASSA, which will guide establishment of a BBC chapter’s working relationship with the Social Action Director of the diocese led to the holding of a Planning Workshop with the CBCP National Secretariat for Social Action Justice & Peace (ECSA-JP)
The NASSA-BBC Planning Workshop was held last June 4, 2009 at the Blue Room of the Ateneo Professional Schools, in Rockwell, Makati. In attendance were Bishop Broderick Pabillo, CBCP-NASSA Chairman, Sister Rosanne Mallillin, NASSA Executive Secretary and ECSA - JP Board members Bishop Vicente Navarra, Bishop of Bacolod and Archbishop Antonio Ledesma of Cagayan de Oro, concur r ent BBC National Co-Chairman.

Also present were Social Action Directors from various Dioceses. BBC was represented by its National Co-Chairman Vicente Paterno and EXCOM member Bishop Deogracias Iniguez and BBC Executive Director Belle Beluan. The BBC Committee Chairmen presented a brief update on its Committee programs and activities, namely: Meneleo Carlos, Jr. of the Clusteron Labor & Employment; Christian Monsod for the Committee on Social Justice & Agrarian Reform, Alfredo Parungao , Pastoral Management Committee; Sabsy Palanca, Institutional Spirituality Quotient (ISQ); and Dr. Magdaleno Albarracin, Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) – BBC Government Procurement Monitoring Project and Polly Dichoso, Project Coordinator. Sister Rosanne Mallillin and the ECSA-JP Program C oordinators provided details of NASSA's Programs and advocacies.

The sharing served as valuable inputs on how to more effectively involve local businessmen and professionals in socio-economic projects of a diocese and its parishes.
What BBC can do for NASSA...
Help with management principles and techniques to advance the objectives of pastoral strategies for mission Help Desk will connect NASSA to networks which can help with the latter’s particular needs Pursue national advocacies like inviting volunteers for Bids and Awards committees
Share best practices born out of projects which addressed labor issues successfully
Share learnings and conduct training in monitoring government procurement, i.e. successful frameworks, effective strategies and tactics to reduce corruption, recruitment and motivating volunteers to stay on, etc
Conduct ‘training the trainor’ seminars in financial management of parishes with the help of SGV
Share learnings in managing retirement and pension funds for priests and bishops
Promote the plight of marginalized groups like farmers thru legislation (CARP)
Work with NASSA in the prevention of untoward incidents during forthcoming elections
Conduct workshops, retreats and ratings on ISQ (Institutional Spirituality Quotient), citing best
practices and values enhancement programs in workplace relationships
What NASSA can do for BBC...
Convey where and how business can best employ in the diocesan level its resources to advance human development
Work with BBC chapters to identify needed socioeconomic programs and projects at the local diocesan/ BEC levels, i.e. rural development and SusAg, health, R & R Anti-trafficking, BEC, Ecology Program, Alay Kapwa and Good Governance, Peacebuilding and ARC
Share learnings and experiences, i.e. IRA watch, legislation and implementation of same in ecology preservation, joys and challenges of working in BEC levels, anti-trafficking of women and   children, interfaith peace building and conflict management, upgrading skills of locals in participative politics and livelihood programs, advocacy research and communication of thematic programs to include development of campaign sustainable agriculture amidst climate change (Korean technology on hog-raising, etc), working with DA, buyback schemes, working with regional farm centers, how to form HIV and Aids educators.
  A. BBC Chapter Formation  
BBC will announce during its July GAAM that it is working on a memorandum of understanding with
NASSA, to engage in joint programs for human development, both in the national and diocesan levels.
With the help of the bishops, BBC to form chapters. This forms a structure for cooperation with the bishop and his Social Action Director.
  B. Partnership Launch Projects  
Do workshops on how to start and effect BBC- NASSA partnerships where there are existing BBC chapters
In existing chapters, go into actual projects like botika sa baryo, food camp, etc
BBC to promote to its members and chapters Alay Kapwa, emphasizing that the program is both collection and formation.
  C. Organization of Fora  
BBC to organize fora where bishops can explain their concept of development and to clarify that they are not against development, i.e. view of the Church on mining
BBC and NASSA to organize joint fora where issues like contractualization, casualization, no strike policy, destruction of environment, ConAss’s economic liberalization and parity rights etc. can be tackled
Parishes, thru the BBC Chapters, to do catechesis and explain the Catholic Social Teachings, to businesspersons and professionals.
This will be followed by regular dialogues which will facilitate the formation of joint working committees. Good example is the feeding program of Cavite which has developed into integrative health program.
  E. Advocacies on Burning Issues  
BBC Social Justice Committee to initiate dialogues with concerned groups in tackling the mining issue.
Engage in dialogue, as needed and where appropriate, the basic sectors, government, etc. especially those affected on particular issues and/or can do something about the issue.
  F. Effective Communication between Bishops and Businesspersons and Business Groups  
The ConAss joint effort will establish a procedure for bishops to relay their pronouncements and thoughts, as well as, get feedback from the business groups before the former makes statements.
  G. Marketing  
BBC to help NASSA market their organic products.
  H. Admin Matters  
BBC and NASSA will hold twice a year meetings, on the Secretariat level, to check on progress of joint projects.